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Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy

We all have a story, but the one we really need to write is the one we've always been afraid to tell.

With God, Nothing Is Impossible!

Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy, Inc. in St. Albans, New York offers outstanding professional services, including storytelling, ghostwriting, creative writing, and more. Our team aims to inspire individuals by providing services that touch people’s lives and give them hope. Get in touch with us today for more details.

How We Started

Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy, Inc. is a consulting corporation that specializes in investing in people's lives. Our priorities are our customers and clients. We offer a full gambit of professional services that will give our customers and clients a satisfying experience. We build relationships built on the principles of Godly wisdom gained through our Christian morals and values. 

See the World With a Positive Attitude

Everything starts with a positive mindset. We want our customers and clients to experience peace of mind from the work we produce.

Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy, Inc. is here to help to manage any area of your brand by offering innovative ways to save money and save time. Our customers and clients are always at the top of our list as it pertains to their individual needs. 

A Vision

Everything starts with a vision. We endeavor to serve our customers and clients as we assist with every aspect of the business we offer. Leveraging the message and the vision is how we customize the work for each of our customers and clients.

Stories That Captivate People

Everything starts with a story. We strive to partner with individuals and businesses who want to tell their stories by helping to build their brand. We want to tell their story, beginning with a single word that gets the attention and attracts their target audience.

Content Matters

Everything starts with content because your content matters. We have an array of styles and themes that are guaranteed to create innovative ideas and drive your message to the masses.

Experience That Leads You to Success

Everything starts with experience. Experience is how we excel to take our customers and clients to the next level that leads them to success.

What We Do

Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy, Inc. consults in small business loans for entrepreneurs. We also lend hard money to investors for fixed and flipped projects.

You’re in Good Hands

Our consultants are professionals who have more than 120 years collectively with finance, legal, media, and storytelling. We have a team of Virtual Assistants who are experienced Executive Administrative Assistants.

Our team will provide impeccable assistance to our customers and clients with the following:

  • Calendar Management

  • Typing

  • Proposals

  • Legal Documents

  • Transcribing

  • Data Entry

  • Resumes

  • Bios

  • Org Charts

  • Domestic & International Travel

  • Lodging

  • Car Services

  • Car Rentals

  • Accounting/Invoicing

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Payroll

  • Expense Reports

  • Restaurant Reservations

  • Conference Room Space

  • Special Events

  • Catering

  • Flyers

  • Newsletters

  • Business Cards/Stationery

  • Church Programs

  • Writing Obituaries

  • And more

We have skilled professionals who can assist on every level of business, from senior executive to junior level support. Virtual assistants and remote support are what we are prepared to provide during these unprecedented times and one we will continue to offer in the future.

Our consultants are professional creative writers, business writers, and journal writers who are ready to tell your story. We provide an array of writing services, such as:

  • Ghostwriting

  • Fiction Writing

  • Non-Fiction Writing

  • Poetry

  • Playwriting

  • Biography Writing

  • Essay Writing

  • Speech Writing

  • Resume Writing

  • Spoken Word

  • Magazine Writing

  • Publication Writing

  • Journal Writing

We Offer

  • Research

  • Branded Products

  • Music Production

  • Song Distribution

  • Voice Overs & Professional Greetings

  • Religious Counseling

We Are A World Class Professional Services Company

It's not about where we are located but what we are as an organization.  We want you to have a positively awesome experience!

We positively provoke the growth we envision

We positively shape the brands of our consumers

We positively embrace the new normal as a virtual world-class business

We positively want to make our clients feel safe, secure, and satisfied with the work we produce

We positively create custom branded products that are tailor-made to tell an authentic story geared towards your audience

A positive mindset is how it all begins.  Happiness is how our story ends.  

Let our team build your brand to get you started in a positive, purposeful, and productive direction.

Our team will help our clients to venture out into the next phase of a storytelling journey with content that will shape their business

We positively believe in our consumers and want to get started with your job today!


Linda M. Johnson is the CEO and Owner of Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy, Inc.  She has a proven track record and has worked in the corporate and private sector as a professional Executive Assistant supporting Global Heads, Senior Executives, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, and much more.   She has also spearheaded special events that she has organized from start to finish for financial institutions, law firms, media, music and record labels, theaters, religious organizations, private foundations, weddings, baby showers, and recreational events.   She is a mover and a shaker and shows up virtually, in-person, or on a podcast platform to moderate, motivate or demonstrate what leadership entails.  She strongly believes that one must have professional intentions to manage the life of the people who depend on us to make their lives easier.  She is not only a leader but a role model for others to follow.  Furthermore, she also believes that as a professional executive assistant for over 35 years that one must always be available, accessible, and able to assist our managers seamlessly, which is why she created her worldwide, 24-hour business.   She decided to relaunch her business during the global pandemic COVID19 that changed the way we think, work, learn, earn and do business due to the social distance restrictions, which caused many businesses to look for new ways and means of conducting business.  

Emerging technology in our society today gives every business owner an opportunity to stay relevant despite the many setbacks that many small business owners, as well as large corporations all over the world, have endured during these unprecedented times.  Moreover, keeping up-to-date with technology trends remains the responsibility of those who support the key players in a fast-moving virtually global environment.  An optimist view for her future sanctions Linda to try again, taking a whole new approach with her stakeholders.  Every aspect of technology has proven to work over and beyond that which many business leaders ever imagined making traveling by airplanes mass transit less demanding than ever before due to virtual Zoom, webinar, and any other electronic device or teleconference device a new and more cost-effective way of having business meetings with our customers and clients.  VIPS continues to work daily to produce work and support executives worldwide, which places VIPS in a position on demand.  Our virtual office is designed for our VIPS to work effectively as a team of professionals. Our VIPS are always here to service our customers and clients under the leadership of Linda Johnson, who over and over have serviced many corporate leaders.  This has been the blueprint of her legacy as a professional executive assistant for over three decades — what greater way to embrace the virtual worldwide experience as social media platforms from Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and many other platforms available with just the click of a button. 

VIPS has proven that not only can we perform the executive assistant, secretarial and receptionist roles from the comfort of our homes, logging into workstations from our laptops, desktops, blackberry, iPads, and cell phones to speak with our bosses taking notes of our assignments.  Showing up earlier and how we come to our virtual offices is one that she takes pride in as one must always bring their best self to work and be ready to step into a virtual office to meet with a customer, clients, or your boss at any given time.  Linda has provided a tremendous amount of tricks and tips to the teams of assistants amongst many peers she has worked alongside in major corporations.  She has continued to do her job in excellence adhering to the code of conduct, core values of the company she has worked for, and enforcing policy and procedures amongst her peers.  She and her team of executive assistants and consultants will do the same as she provides opportunities to people who are serious about perfecting their craft and building their professional brand as executive assistants.  Her team will provide those same services focused on tasks and duties from our homes with a stellar performance, meeting every deadline and putting out every fire drill that unexpectedly presents itself.  

Our CEO and owner humbly refers to herself as a leader because she has made a name for herself by showing and proving, but more importantly, building relationships.  She is an overachiever and is always willing and able to walk through the door of any room to either sit down in the audience to listen and learn.  Moreover, she is an advocate for women business owners and the executive assistant population worldwide, and she has the courage to raise her hand to step up to the mic on any stage to ask a question or to give sound advice that will help others.   Anyone who wants to be a part of her team of professional assistants and consultants worldwide can start with the schedule that will allow them to have a work like balance creating their own hours, days off and manage their schedule by way of completing the tasks they are assigned to by 'getting the job done ' by any means necessary. 

Not only has she ascribed to the dreams and aspirations she initially had to build her business and her own brand, but she also wants to do the same for others.  Linda has a well-known presence in legal, finance, media, entertainment, theater, education, and the storytelling industry.  She most recently added the Virtual International Professional Secretary (VIPS) role of consultants to her team.  While she is a single employee of her own corporation, she is a black woman who has been afforded many opportunities to take a step of faith and plant her feet on solid ground as she graces the world with her unstoppable spirit of excellence and corporate professional executive assistant experience.  She has an amazing ability to see beyond what is written on the pages of any manuscript, resume, bio, and a person's need for a positive change.  She hopes to grow her business and her brand expeditiously in 2021.  One of her visions is to have digital billboards and posts on social media platforms all over the world.  She wants to share a positive message of hope for the entire world to be inspired because she strongly believes if some of us can help one of us, one of us can help all of us.  

Linda has written professional content for many websites, musical artist bios, resumes, business layouts for the CEO and owners of various company's.    She still holds the position of the Senior Director of Artist & Repertoire for RJC Productions. Linda has been a talent scout for over 20 years and has organized and conducted auditions and talent searches for singers and actors for many directors, managers, and producers in the New York Metropolitan area for various stage plays, concerts, commercials, movie shoots, and other venues for singers. She is the Director of the Christian Drama Workshop and the Assistant Director of Titus Walker’s Ujamaa Black Theater in NYC. Linda comes with a lot of talent, which stems from her involvement in the music industry as a recording artist and actress. She is a singer, actress, radio host, creative writer, producer, theatre trainer, talent scout/life coach, author, and motivational speaker.  She currently holds a full-time position as a professional executive assistant of a major financial institution in New York City and has over 35 years of experience.  While she has others to help her to grow her business and her brand, she also has created a company for others to do the same for themselves by applying her plan for success.

Linda has been a member of many recording ensembles and gospel choirs throughout her career. She sang with the Late Pastor Clinton Utterbach & the Praisers, United Pentecostal Choir (UPC), The A.K. Ensemble, Royalty, Another Great Blessing (AGB) Gospel Choir, Eternal Light Community Choir, and Ron Crichlow & RCE Gospel to name a few. In addition, Linda has worked with many producers as a test vocalist to prepare and arrange songs for other artists to sing and perform, as well as demo songs for various well-known artists with PokerFace Entertainment, Pelican Island Records, Troupe Records, and Oleyoungin Productions. Linda is now working with many talented vocalists and getting them signed on as recording artists with RJC Productions, as well as managing how they conduct themselves as professional gospel and inspirational artists focusing on the northeastern region of the United States of America.

Linda hosted a call-in radio talk show called, “The Truth On The Positive Tip” with a holy-hip-hop all-female rap group “i4ni.” She also has future plans to start her own radio station for “The Truth On The Positive Tip” by the summer of 2021. She has been in many Broadway and Off-Broadway Productions, with Titus Walker’s Ujaama Black Theatre, playing the leading lady in “For the Love of My Black Woman,” “The Gospel of the Harlem Renaissance,” and “Please Don’t Take My Rhythm & My Blues.  She was known as 'the voice' at Fairleigh Dickinson Radio Station in Teaneck, New Jersey.  She broadcasted the local, national and international news as an intern for over a year.  She recorded radio drops, voiceovers, commercials, and public service announcements for several radio stations for over 14 years.  She also appeared in El DeBarge and Kenneth “Baby Face” Edmond’s Video “Where Is My Love.” She did extra work for the Soap operas “As the World Turns” and “All My Children.”

Linda earned her Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with honors from the College of New Rochelle in 2019.  She is a graduate of The Christian Bible Institute Seminary (CBIS) where she earned her Associates's Degree in 2019, as well as her Certificate in Biblical Studies in 2015 as the salutatorian of her graduating class. She also received her Bachelors of Arts in 2002 from The College of New Rochelle and graduated with Honors. She majored in communications and minored in broadcast journalism.  She is the bestselling author of her first solo book entitled, Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy: Mind, Body & Soul - 40 Day Journal, by Linda M. Johnson, published September 11, 2019.  She has earned many awards and will launch her new course built around her message and her mission for Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy.  In addition, Linda received several awards after writing her book and most recently received a Citation Award from the City of New York for another Bestselling Co-Author Book entitled, Awesome Women On The Move National Prayer Book, by Dr. Tenaria Drummond-Smith and 52 Authors.  Prior to this Co-Author book, she is also Co-Author of a Bestselling Co-Author book entitled, Awesome Women on the Move Inspirational Daily Journal, by Dr. Tenaria Drummond-Smith and 30 Co-Authors.  Dr. Tenaria Drummond-Smith gave Linda her first opportunity to be a Co-Author of a collaboration book as the seventh author entitled, Love Grounded by Grace, by Dr. Tenaria Drummond-Smith.  Linda tells a very powerful story in her summary chapter called, The Power of Love about her life as a child sexual abuse victim who found her way to a life of victory.  Linda believes that we all have a story, but the story we really need to write is the one we've always been afraid to tell.  She is also working on her first self-published ebook to be published in the spring of 2021 along with many other self-published ebooks to follow. 

Linda is the daughter of the Author, Evangelist Anne Gaynelle Johnson who wrote the book, Tear of a Man and Let The Healing Begin.  Her mother has also produced her own CD and many stageplays that Linda has directed.  Her mother most recently published a book prior to the COVID19 pandemic shutdown entitled, Sunday Summer - Someone To Love Me.  Her mother also started, The Sweet Hour of Prayer that has kept the prayers of the righteous busy being about God's business, 7 days a week.  She is a Deaconess and is married to Minister Thomas Wesley Johnson, IV, Host of View from the Pew, a virtual show that was birthed during the COVID19 pandemic.  He is also the CFO of RJC Productions and CEO of NTHFG Consulting Firm.  Minister Thomas and his wife has written children's stories and poetry lessons for kids that will be released as eBooks in the spring of 2021. She is the proud step-mother of five children (Tristian, Heather, Brandon, Tommy, and my youngest Taylor, plus two 'Jordan and Taya,', and has eight grandchildren. She and her husband currently attend church at the Powerhouse St. Luke C.O.G.I.C under the leadership of Pastor Sanford L. Henderson and Lady Sharon Henderson in the Bronx, New York.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8

Linda Marshae Johnson writings are timely and essential for all who yearn for daily happiness amidst a successful career and life journey. Positive Thinking Will Make You Happy - Mind, Body, and Soul is a powerful book about the irrepressible truth of the existential value of faith, and how what we think about contributes profoundly to one's state of happiness, joy, and self-affirmation. I highly recommend this book for all people of all faiths who affirm the oneness of humanity.

Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. President and CEO,

National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA)

Mission Statement

Helping Others

We aim to help people globally as we foster an environment virtually or in-person to turn every negative into a positive. Our purpose is to help others to find their niche and work to build their brand that tells a powerful story. 'We all have a story, but the one we need to write is the one we've always been afraid to tell.

Helping others tell their story is an endeavor that we wholeheartedly do. We give people hope to build their brand, help tell their stories, and heal from their losses by creating innovative ways for them to try again or get started in their business pursuits.

We build positive relationships with the hopes to inspire, encourage, and provide solutions for our clients. Our mission is built on a biblical scripture that aligns with our purpose, message, and mission. 

Spreading Positivity

Our owner believes that positivity results in possibilities. Positive things, positive vibes, and positive thoughts will make you happy in everything you do. We share our mission by spreading a message of hope, which is what the world needs during times of uncertainty. If some of us can help one of us, then one of us can help all of us.


Coming Soon

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